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A Japanese Peruvian family on a plantation.

Photo Essay: Japanese Peruvian Lives Before World War II

During World War II, the United States colluded with several Central and South American nations to imprison some 2,200 Japanese Latin Americans on US soil. The majority—nearly 1,800—were abducted from…

Japanese Americans boarding a ship as they are deported to Japan at the end of World War II.

Exiled: The Anti-Immigrant Roots of Mass Deportation in Mexican and Japanese American Repatriation

Following a blueprint laid out by the Depression-era Mexican Repatriation, Japanese Americans were subjected to deportation during WWII as a punitive measure for their supposed disloyalty. This practice has been…

“Uprooting Community”: New Book Examines the WWII Mass Incarceration of Japanese Mexicans

In her new book, Uprooting Community, Selfa A. Chew examines the lived experience of Japanese Mexicans in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands during World War II. Chew illuminates U.S.-backed efforts of the Mexican government to…