A Child with Heavy Responsibilities in Wartime

Masamizu Kitajima grew up in Ookala, Hawaii. In this clip, he describes his sudden realization that with his father's arrest and internment after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he was not coming home.

The Rescue of the "Lost Battalion"

Fred Shiosaki served in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and participated in the rescue of the "Lost Battalion," a Texas battalion surrounded and cut off in France.

The Significance of the Redress Movement

Cherry Kinoshita was a longtime Seattle activist and contributor to the Japanese American Citizens League and the redress movement. In this clip, she talks about the importance of the government's apology.

Densho continues to selectively record the oral histories of Japanese Americans and others who can speak about the World War II incarceration. The stories we collect represent a wide range of perspectives and experiences from a diverse geographic range. Since Densho does not have the resources to interview all candidates, we are currently only able to record the experiences of individuals whose stories are not well documented.

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