Facing the Mountain

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  • The Japanese American Remembrance Trail traces a route thru Seattle’s original Japantown from Pioneer Square to the… https://t.co/AK5qdIc12z
  • The new graphic novel “We Hereby Refuse” presents an original vision of America’s past with disturbing links to the… https://t.co/uafzrL8GZz
  • The new #GoForBroke stamp honors the courage and sacrifice of Japanese American soldiers during WWII. “I’m so happy… https://t.co/K2d5AZGgo4
  • We need your help spreading the word! We are #hiring for an accountant to handle general accounting and other admin… https://t.co/Pv1n8CeG4f
  • Just how many Japanese Americans were incarcerated during WWII? The short answer is that 110,000 were forcibly remo… https://t.co/zr9ctZawaJ