GiveBIG is a statewide fundraising campaign where individuals and organizations come together across Washington to invest in our communities. When we give, we take a proactive step towards creating the society we want to live in. Join the 48-hour giving event on May 7-8!

This year our goal is to raise $30,000 to fund the purchase of a new scanner for our Collections team. Our current scanner is outdated, over 12 years old and doesn’t have much life left. It is incredibly important that Densho has the proper equipment needed to digitize and preserve various items like bound pamphlets, books, photo albums and diaries. 

A newer machine will help Densho stay up to date with the latest technology, as the current model of our scanner is now rendered obsolete. Additionally, not all items can be disassembled. With a new machine, we will be able to preserve the integrity of the items while also digitizing them for future generations as well as provide higher quality images of items. We also intend to make the scanner a publicly available resource for other organizations to preserve their communities’ histories as well.  

We invite you to invest in the future of Densho and partner with us as we preserve stories of the past for the generations of tomorrow. Donate to Densho to preserve and share history of the WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans to promote equity and justice today.