On July 28 we hosted the Sites of Shame virtual launch event! This innovative new mapping tool from Densho gives users an unprecedented view of the landscapes and dislocations of WWII incarceration. Sites of Shame combines the latest scholarship on WWII incarceration history, data gathered by the US government during WWII, and original research by the Densho team, the new platform maps out nearly 100 sites where Japanese Americans were detained and illustrates the population flows into and out of those sites.

The site’s co-creators, Densho’s Deputy Director Geoff Froh and Content Director Brian Niiya, will walk you through the site’s virtual features and give you insider tips for exploring your own family histories. They will also talk about the research and design process, and will leave plenty of time for questions from the audience! The event will be moderated by Densho’s Executive Director Tom Ikeda.