In her new book, Nisei Radicals: The Feminist Poetics and Transformative Ministry of Mitsuye Yamada and Michael Yasutake, Diane Fujino reveals a radical lineage of Japanese American activism through the lives of feminist poet, Mitsuye Yamada and her brother, Michael Yasutake.

In honor of women’s history month, we welcomee Diane Fujino to discuss her book and the role that Mituye Yamada’s political activism played in building the Asian American and US Third World women’s movements and support for political prisoners.

After presenting her book, Fujino was joined by Yamada for a discussion about the ways her poetry intertwines with her personal life, while also illuminating Japanese American women’s lives, and about the importance of speaking out against racism. 

Presented by Densho with Elliott Bay Book Company, University of Washington Press. Funding for this event was provided, in part, by City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.