Alien registration card of Masahiko Wada with registration number, name, fingerprint, signature, and photo

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Read about the key people, places, and events that played a role in the forced removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII in our ever-expanding digital encyclopedia.

Map of the central United States from Idaho to Kansas.

Sites of Shame

Explore the national network of detention facilities through an interactive map, timeline, and site locator. The personal impact of these sites is told through the voices of a family as they remember this difficult time in their lives.

Densho does not have a speakers bureau, and we honor the confidentiality of our interviewees. We recommend reaching out to a Japanese American history or veterans’ organization near you. For example, many regions have a local chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League.

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Use the interactive map on Sites of Shame to discover where Japanese Americans were incarcerated during WWII.