May 13, 2008

After a fairly non-eventful but long travel day, we finally arrived in Denver. We did encounter some awful turbulence on the flight in. Megan and I weren’t feeling so hot, but we glanced over and Tom was doggedly reading his book the entire time. The weather was rainy and exremely windy by the time we got here, although it was apparently nearly 80 degrees earlier in the day. As it turns out, things aren’t very close together in Denver… the airport is miles outside of town, and just getting to the rental car place seemed to take forever. By the time we made it to our hotel and checked in, we only had time to drive into town and grab a quick dinner before meeting with Richard and Kirk from the National Park Service. Later, I had managed to convert my hotel room into a semblance of an interview studio, only to discover that the enormous black fabric backdrop we brought with us was horribly creased and wrinkled. Forty-five minutes of ironing hell later, I believe I’ve managed to get it looking somewhat presentable… Here’s a link to our flickr account for some new photos, including a video taken from our car ride into Denver!