November 17, 2016

Throughout this year of 20th anniversary celebrations, we have been invigorated by the accolades and warmth we felt from our community. But we know we have a lot of work to do. Your donation will help us carry on the important work of using Japanese American history to stand for social justice today. 

Let’s face it, this was a difficult election year for everyone. It exposed divisions and bigoted attitudes–and we all have a lot to do in order to make our country whole again. As Densho looks to its next twenty years, these are some of the concerns that occupy our thoughts.

That’s why we’re doubling down on our commitment to use the lessons of the Japanese American past to fight for justice and equity today. Over the past  year, we’ve grown increasingly vocal in speaking out against contemporary injustices like Islamophobia, police brutality, and family detention. And we’re collaborating with other heritage organizations to create a curriculum that will help us bring that message into the classroom.

We’re driven by the words of Japanese American activist Ina Sugihara. Spoken decades ago, they still resonate today:  

“The fate of each minority depends upon the extent of justice given to all other groups.”

Your support will help us continue to document Japanese American history, while bringing the lessons of civility and justice reach the minds of the next generation of leaders.



Commemorative Postage Stamps

A set of five stamps were designed by Densho and feature an exclusive
75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 commemorative design



purple-gateExclusive Notecard Set

Hand-drawn and designed in Seattle by Erin Shigaki of Purple Gate Design. Erin’s designs are both whimsical and classy—perfect for a simple greeting, thank you, or birthday wish. (9 blank notecards, 4.125” by 5.8125”)




Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp

In this creative memoir, Lily Havey combines storytelling, watercolor, and personal photographs to recount her youth in Santa Anita and Amache concentration camps during World War II. (2014, 224 pp., 69 color images and b/w illustrations)






Winter Appeal 2016 Donation Levels

I. Donate any amount to receive five custom-made stamps commemorating the 75th anniversary of EO9066.

II. Donate $125 or more and choose between an exclusive notecard set and Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp, as well as and the five custom-made stamps.

III. Donate $200 or more and receive both an exclusive notecard set and Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp, as well as the five custom-made stamps.

IV. Donate at the $500 Densho 20th Anniversary Legacy level. We will acknowledge this special gift in our 2016 Annual Report, send you both gifts, and five custom-made stamps.

Thank you for your generosity!