July 25, 2008

Last weekend I was in Salt Lake City attending the JACL national convention. This was a great opportunity for Densho to share some video interview segments from the interviews we conducted in Salt Lake City last month. I was also able to share some wonderful historic photographs of Salt Lake City that we got from Ted Nagata.

During my presentation I showed video clips of Jun Kurumada, Nelson Akagi, Grace Oshita, Ted Nagata, Helen Harano Christ, Roy Ebihara and Alice Hirai who shared memories of Salt Lake City and the Topaz concentration camp. While I was attending the convention I also had the opportunity of seeing the wonderful musical, “Nihon Machi.” This is a Grateful Crane production that I highly recommend.
Next week we go to Watsonville and Berkeley for more interviewing. I’ll have the opportunity to interview Jiro Sugidono, Tom Mine, Mas Hashimoto, Norman Hirose and Kiyoko Morey Kaneko. The community in Watsonville is being especially welcoming with a potluck dinner on Sunday to greet us!