October 25, 2008

We recently added eleven new interviews to the Densho Digital Archive (listed below). This includes a new collection, the Watsonville – Santa Cruz JACL Collection, which is comprised of interviews Densho is conducting in partnership with the Watsonville – Santa Cruz Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League.
The Densho Digital Archive is password-protected, and registration is free of charge. To view the archive and/or register, please visit www.densho.org/archive.

Densho Visual History Collection:
Kazuko Uno Bill
Aya Uenishi Medrud
Lillian Sato

Watsonville – Santa Cruz JACL Collection:
Kitako Izumizaki
Tom I. Mine
Jiro Sugidono

Topaz Museum Collection:
Helen Harano Christ
Norman I. Hirose

Manzanar National Historic Site Collection:
Victor Ikeda
James Nishimura
George T. “Joe” Sakato