December 31, 2008

To cap off a successful year of interviewing in 2008, we have added thirteen new interviews to the Densho Digital Archive (listed below). Thank you once again to our community partners: the National Park Service/Manzanar National Historic Site, the Watsonville – Santa Cruz Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League, and the Topaz Museum. We’re looking forward to conducting more interviews in 2009!
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Visual Histories:

Densho Visual History Collection:
Yae Aihara
Roy Ebihara
Bessie Yoshida Konishi
Nancy Sawada Miyagishima
Irene Najima
Bob Y. Sakata

Watsonville – Santa Cruz JACL Collection:
Mas Hashimoto
Nancy Iwami
Chiyoko Yagi
Emi Yamamoto

Topaz Museum Collection:
Bob Utsumi
Chiyoko Yano

Manzanar National Historic Site Collection:
Alfred “Al” Miyagishima