September 9, 2008

Just added to the Densho Digital Archive, ten visual history interviews and three photograph collections (listed below). The interviews were conducted during our travels over the summer to Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado. The photographs were compiled by Mr. Bob Fuchigami of Kittredge, Colorado, who has generously made them available to Densho.
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Visual Histories:

Densho Visual History Collection:
Kazuko Uno Bill

Topaz Museum Collection:
Nelson Takeo Akagi
Alice Setsuko Sekino Hirai
Jun Kurumada
Ted Nagata
Grace F. Oshita

Manzanar National Historic Site Collection (NPS):
Frank Konishi
Gladys Koshio Konishi
Victor Ikeda

Japanese American National Museum Collection:
Norman Mineta

Photo Collections:

Private Collections:
George Ochikubo Collection
James G. Lindley Collection
Catherine Ludy Collection