June 29, 2009

An art show we wish we could see in Seattle is a retrospective of work by Densho’s friend Roger Shimomura, master of skewering racist stereotypes. The Return of the Yellow Peril is on display at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas. Roger sent us a news article that contains some dismaying comments about the Japanese American camps. See the usual complaints about “whiners,” false comparisons to Japan’s treatment of American prisoners of war, and assertions that it was for their own protection. Here’s an example:

“What about all the American sailors that were incinerated by the sucker punch attack at Pearl Harbor? Is that the following story to give a little balance?

Muslims also love the fact that we’re so extremely liberal by punishing ourselves for imagined crimes. It is our undoing…”

Thank goodness other commenters lamented the bigotry and pointed to that little thing called the Constitution. Once again we are reminded that Densho has work to do.