May 1, 2019

2042 will mark the 100th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 and Densho is already making some ambitious plans for what we want to accomplish by that date. We recognize that our strength in reaching these goals will come from our community, so we’re launching a listening tour in order to create space for your input and ideas!

Over the course of the next two years, we’ll be meeting with Densho community members across the U.S. to share the latest news about our educational and archival resources, talk about the relevance of Japanese American incarceration history to current events, and to tell you about our audacious goal for 2042.

We are also listening! We want to hear your candid and creative input in regards to Densho’s future and how to keep Japanese American history alive for decades to come. Last month, we held two successful events in Garden and West Covina* and we’re eager to connect with other communities.

Here’s where you can connect with Tom Ikeda and members of the Densho team during our 2019 Listening Tour:


Portland, OR

Salt Lake City

San Francisco

Anaheim, West LA, San Fernando Valley, Little Tokyo

If you’re interested in attending one of these events, please email us for details about exact dates and locations! Contact: / 206-320-0095 ext. 111

And if you’re interested in planning or hosting an event in your area, please let us know! We’d love make it to Boston, Denver, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento, Central Valley (CA), Houston, Phoenix, DC/Maryland, and anywhere else there’s an interest.

[Header photo: Catching up with friends old and new at the Densho community event in Gardena, California.]

*Huge thanks to Dale Inafuku and Alison Kochiyama at Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute and Tina Asano at East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center for making our events in their communities a success!