November 10, 2023

Percussionist, composer, and interdisciplinary artist Paul Kikuchi speaks with Densho Community Curator Erin Shigaki about the influences of his ancestors, identity, and community on his art. Kikuchi shares, “How easily we forget, within a generation. How easily we humans can think that something is long past when it is actually much closer to our current reality than we might realize.” 

Erin Shigaki writes, “It’s no surprise that I seek out the company of other Japanese Americans who make art about their shifting journey through and understanding of this identity. As I was conceptualizing a recent mural at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW), I was invited to sit in on a session of Omoide – a JCCCW writing group based in that historic site. Paul Kikuchi was also there, working with the group on a deeply moving collaborative musical composition that infuses their words, memories, and reflections. I hope you enjoy our conversation about In Shadows, as well as some of Paul’s preceding work.”

Watch Paul and Erin’s conversation below:

[Header: Paul Kikuchi. Photo by Kurt Tokita, courtesy of Paul Kikuchi.]

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