October 21, 2009

For a non-profit, raising money is always challenging. One of the fun things we do is to have a silent auction at our annual Sushi & Sake Fest on Nov 5th. I say fun because we get to spend time looking over an amazing array of items. One item that caused some chuckles is the “Seen on TV” basket with the Magic Bullet, Snuggie, Moving Men, Open It, Underbed, Windowshield Wonder, Pedipaws, Ped Egg and Ove Glove!

Doing an auction is also an excuse to contact old friends for favors. I just heard that my junior high, high school, and college classmate, Kenny G, is generously donating an autographed saxophone. Luckily he is still talking to me after I advised him in high school to give up his music ambitions and stick to business!

Other notable auction items include:

BOSSHIKO live painting at the event

Roger Federer autographed tennis racquet with case

Suite tickets to the Seattle Sounders (this is for my soccer friend fanatics!)

Gerard Tsutakawa sculpture