April 12, 2016

Far too many Americans are completing primary, secondary, and even college education without learning about a critical moment in our shared history: the World War II mass incarceration of 120,000 men, women, and children of Japanese descent. To help remedy this, Densho is hosting a Digital Teach-In from May 1st through 6th. 

In February, Densho held its first-ever Digital Teach-In in honor of the 2016 Day of Remembrance. With more than 600 participants and national coverage by NBC news, the event was such a success that the Seattle-based non-profit has scheduled a second Teach-In to be held the first week of the 2016 Asian Pacific American heritage month, May 1-6.

Sign up for the Teach-In and you will receive six daily lessons, each of which take approximately ten minutes to complete. The engaging, multimedia lessons will cover the basics of Japanese American history from early Japanese migration to mass removal and life in World War II concentration camps to the Redress Movement. Thought-provoking questions will help you consider contemporary topics like anti-Muslim American attitudes in light of the Japanese American past.

The Teach-In is geared toward adult learners, but anyone is welcome to participate.

Please help us spread the word: Invite your friends, family, and colleagues; post this link to your social networks. Once the challenge gets going, stay in touch with other participants on social media through the hashtag #DenshoTeachIn.

To recap:

What: Densho Digital Teach-In
When: May 1-6, 2016
Where: Anywhere you can access internet
Cost: Free
Sign Up: Here

Questions? Email info@densho.org