Digital Archives

These primary sources document the Japanese American experience from immigration in the early 1900s through redress in the 1980s with a strong focus on the World War II mass incarceration. The archives are growing as Densho continues to record life histories and collect images and records. We provide these resources to students, teachers, researchers, and the general public for educational purposes.

Densho Digital Repository

Explore the rich resources available in the Densho Digital Repository (DDR). Our digital archive includes thousands of historic photographs, documents, newspapers, letters, and more. It is also home to more than 900 visual histories, comprised of over 1,700 hours of recorded, fully transcribed video interviews. For ease of navigation, interviews and images are indexed by topic, location and chronology, and can be searched using keywords.

The Repository’s primary source offerings also include a Names Registry, which provides access to a searchable version of the WRA Form 26 register and Final Accountability Rosters (FAR). Search for family members and research subjects by name and discover where they were incarcerated in during WWII, where they lived before and after the war, and other important contextual details.

Requesting Content

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