Share Your Collections

Densho collects, digitizes, and shares stories of the Japanese American experience before, during, or after World War II. If your family or community organization has relevant materials, please consider loaning them to Densho for digital preservation. Your items will become part of one of the largest and most diverse online educational collections about the Japanese American experience.

What kinds of historical materials is Densho looking for?

We are looking for photographs, documents, letters, diaries, scrapbooks, artwork, full copies of community publications/newspapers, home movies, and audio recordings.

What will Densho do with my historical materials?

We scan the materials at Densho, return them to you along with your own digital copies, then make the materials available in our Digital Repository for students, teachers, researchers, scholars, professionals, and the general public.

Behind the Scenes: Unboxing History

How do I share my historical materials?

Please fill this online form if you have materials you would like to loan.

Or download the Collections Nomination Form [pdf]


To find out more about sharing materials, please contact our Help Desk: or (206) 320-0095 ext. 110.

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