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Densho's mission is to preserve the testimonies of Japanese Americans who were unjustly incarcerated during World War II before their memories are extinguished. We offer these irreplaceable firsthand accounts, coupled with historical images and teacher resources, to explore principles of democracy and promote equal justice for all.
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Causes of Incarceration
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt cited military necessity as the basis for incarcerating 120,000 Japanese Americans--adults and children, immigrants and citizens alike. Decades later a congressional commission found the justification of military necessity to be false. Learn the true reasons for this unprecedented denial of civil liberties. more...

Learning Center
Visit the Learning Center to find extensive readings and lessons about an overlooked episode in American history. For upper elementary to undergraduate students, Densho provides multidisciplinary lessons featuring firsthand accounts and compelling images of the forced removal and detention. more...

The Densho Digital Archive contains more than 1,400 hours of interviews, visual histories of Japanese Americans and others affected by the World War II incarceration. Also included are over 12,000 historical images documenting Japanese American history. Learn here how to get free web access to this archive of primary sources. more...

Other Resources
Visit the new Densho Encyclopedia, a multimedia reference featuring hundreds of articles about the incarceration experience. Also find a timeline, an explanation of the terminology, as well as links to useful websites and recommended printed materials and video resources pertaining to Japanese American history and civil liberties. more...

About Densho
Densho is a Japanese term meaning "to pass on to the next generation," or to leave a legacy. The legacy we offer is an American story with continuing relevance. Find out more about Densho and its programs in this section. more...

0 Does Language Matter?
Find out why Densho uses the term "Japanese American Incarceration" instead of "Japanese Internment." more...

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