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Media Literacy and Japanese American WWII Incarceration

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Resources List

The following is a list of articles referenced by this material, sourced mainly from The Seattle Times. For further reading, see The Seattle Times Collection in Densho’s online archives.

Early Japanese American History

Japanese Labor Must Go. Unions of Snohomish County Will Fight Orientals to the End.The Seattle Daily Times, 30 March 1904: 5.

Whites Drive Out Japanese. White Employees of South Prairie Sawmills Refuse to Work with Orientals Recently Imported. Cooler Heads Stop Forcible Expulsion of Nipponese Until Conference Can Be Held with Their Employers.The Seattle Daily Times, 11 April 1907: 13.

To Rid Country of Asiatic Laborers. League Composed of Prominent Men Formed in Washington to Fight Oriental Immigration.The Seattle Daily Times, 9 August 1908: 11.

See also: “Yellow Peril” and legal cases in the Densho Digital Repository; Densho Encyclopedia entries on anti-Japanese exclusion movement, San Francisco school segregation, and alien land laws

World War II Incarceration

McLemore, Henry. “This Is War! Stop Worrying About Hurting Jap Feelings.The Seattle Daily Times, 30 January 1942: 6.

FBI Ousts Nipponese in Island Raid.The Seattle Daily Times, 2 February 1942: 1-2.

Lemmon, Fielding. “Tears and Smiles Mingle as Japs Bid Bainbridge Farewell.The Seattle Daily Times, 30 March 1942: 1-2.

If They’re Loyal Citizens, They’ll Stop Complaining.The Seattle Daily Times, 15 April 1943: 6.

Evacuee Writes Japanese Like Puyallup ‘Home’.The Seattle Daily Times, 3 May 1942: 10.

Bourne, Nick. “Disloyal Japs Fed Well, Idle While Nearby Crops Rot.The Seattle Daily Times, 7 November 1943: 4.

New Camp for Bad Japs.The Seattle Daily Times, 28 April 1944: 17.

Jap Draft Dodgers Sentenced to Prison.The Seattle Daily Times, 29 September 1944: 13.

See also: “War hysteria” in the Densho Digital Repository

Japanese Americans after WWII

Brant, Dorothy. “Loyal Japanese Returning ‘Home’. Seattle Won’t Buy from Him, Nisei Gardener Discovers.The Seattle Daily Times, 12 August 1945: 12.

Jobs Galore Offered Nisei; Public Cooperation Lauded.The Seattle Daily Times, 14 August 1945: 9.

Ickes, Harold L. “Ever Loyal, in Spite of Injustices.The Seattle Daily Times, 23 September 1946: 6.

James, Dave. “Home Again. Japanese-American Farm Families Pick Up Peaceful, Industrious Lives.The Seattle Daily Times, 27 April 1947: 13.

Petersen, William. “Success Story, Japanese-American Style.” The New York Times Magazine, 9 January 1966: 21.

See also: Densho Encyclopedia entries on return to West Coast, model minority, and Redress Movement; Gidra Collection in the Densho Digital Repository

For a more extensive bibliography and guide to resources, see our resources section.

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