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  • Andrew Yang is severely mistaken if he thinks the lesson we should take away from our history is that Asian America… https://t.co/wDecSbLGdj
  • In 1942, Executive Order 9066 gave the U.S. military authority to remove Japanese Americans from designated militar… https://t.co/zVHhl09e2B
  • The WWII incarceration of Japanese Americans began #OTD in 1942, when 227 Japanese Americans were removed from Bain… https://t.co/qXI57LCWcw
  • As descendants of Japanese American incarceration, we know the devastation of mass detention. The #COVID19 pandemic… https://t.co/Yhn5nMggot
  • “We have always known our people detained are not safe under ICE custody,” says Maru Mora Villalpando of… https://t.co/ZItA00o5ue