hidden histories

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  • The Civil Liberties Act of 1988, signed into law #OTD after decades of organizing by survivors and their descendant… https://t.co/ZQknwjYk5S
  • During WWII, Japanese Americans were expected to become productive workers happily serving the war effort that had… https://t.co/o5OHkwekp6
  • Tune in this Sunday at 7pm PST for a (very cute) cooking lesson from Densho Fund Development Manager Danielle Higa… https://t.co/w7SgDWwmpr
  • We're looking for a Marketing Manager to join our team, and it's not too late to apply! Learn more, and send in you… https://t.co/7NJuorj9sM
  • Maneki is Seattle’s oldest Japanese restaurant & has been a cultural anchor in the heart of Nihonmachi for generati… https://t.co/BkIhDUFUcr