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  • Last night we lost Redress warrior Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga. Aiko's thousands of hours of research were pivotal to the… https://t.co/YLGwtpxNo6
  • A collection of photos and letters originally belonging to a man named Y. Takagishi were discovered in a home in On… https://t.co/g6b09LilCv
  • We refuse to stand idly by as other communities face the same racism and hysteria that put our families behind barb… https://t.co/ppyo1Vb5G6
  • Our resident artist @geniusbeee drew up these brilliant homages to some bad ass Japanese Americans who have been in… https://t.co/theXyxirM7
  • "We must be wary of officials using language to evade responsibility. We must not, as we have done in the past, per… https://t.co/RcxjbILw88