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  • History has proven that nothing good comes from discrimination that targets and curtails the rights of US citizens. https://t.co/UPYfkevDKG
  • "We are not only dealing with anti-Blackness but also xenophobia.” #MuslimBan https://t.co/srikQgylxi
  • Lots of Densho staff in Portland this week talking archives, outreach, and teaching w/ primary sources @ #SAA2017 and #TeachwStuff
  • Subscribe to this new podcast on WWII incarceration from longtime Densho collaborator Eric Muller. It's gonna be 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/rvB8YM5ehW
  • Jim Kanno, one of country's first Japanese American mayors and a founder of Fountain Valley, dies at 91 https://t.co/LSdRdPlkiy