Japanese American

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  • #OTD in 1970, Asian Americans for Peace organized Little Tokyo's first anti-war march. About 200 people, young and… https://t.co/jEeV4ekpq0
  • Exiled from their homes and stripped of the routines that filled their prewar lives, incarcerated Japanese American… https://t.co/4VOjH130k2
  • The glow up is real. Densho website in 2000 v. today. #pubertychallenge #theawkwardyears https://t.co/4Q7oLuTBkd
  • Seattle haiku association Rainier Ginsha begins its 85th year in 2019: "I've been making haiku for seventy years no… https://t.co/4M9uLlYY16
  • "The Steel Helmet" opened #OTD in 1951. It was the first mainstream film to critically address Japanese American in… https://t.co/O9rlDfyRRu