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This section serves as a reference for useful resources relating to Japanese American history, using primary and secondary sources, conducting oral histories, and exploring current events. It contains links to websites as well as listings of printed and video materials.

Japanese American Experience
Historical Resources
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Japanese American Experience

Links to Web Resources

The following list is by no means comprehensive, but instead is intended to provide links to web sites that are rich in primary sources, including photographs and documents. The last section contains curricular materials.

Exclusion and Incarceration -- General

Individual Incarceration Camps

For an overview of all the detention facilities that held Japanese Americans, see Densho's website Sites of Shame.

Military Service and Draft Resistance

Curricula and Education

For Densho's downloadable curriculum units, see the Learning Center:


Discover Nikkei, an Internet resource of the Japanese American National Museum, includes a searchable database of lessons on Japanese American history and culture:


Printed Resource Citations


World War II


Why It Happened and Administration

Life in the Concentration Camps

(See also Densho Encyclopedia articles Literary works on incarceration and Literature in Camp)

Art and Photography


Studies of Individual Camps

Leaving Camp

Military Service




Resettlement Era


New Books (2012)


Visit Densho's YouTube channel for selected interview excerpts, documentary shorts, and civil liberties curriculum videos.

See National Asian American Telecommunications Association for a more complete listing of videos on the exclusion and incarceration of Japanese Americans.

Historical Resources

Links to Web Resources

Websites that provide information and lessons on using primary and secondary sources, and ways of evaluating such sources (including evaluating websites):

Using Historical Materials

Oral History Resources

Printed Materials

Available from the Oral History Association Website

OHA Publications page

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Links to Web Resources

September 11th Connections

Printed Materials

Aleut Exclusion During World War II

Asian Pacific American History and Issues


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