hidden histories

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  • Topaz concentration camp opened #OTD in 1942. It's best known for the fatal shooting of an inmate by a camp sentry… https://t.co/DqeWeGiRMf
  • “'Concentration camp' is more than a rhetorical exercise, more than a historical analogy. It makes us reckon with o… https://t.co/bJtlwNKplo
  • A new book claims Japanese American incarceration was caused by "security concerns," not racism. Instead of reading… https://t.co/Vs89lUORnv
  • We’ve got just a few days left in our summer appeal and need your help closing a $12,000 funding gap. Donate befo… https://t.co/2D0y4fccwg
  • Most of the (relatively few) non-Nikkei in the camps were those married to Japanese Americans. It’s estimated there… https://t.co/3pdBQSDl3p