hidden histories

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  • In 2014, @reginahboone's father made a last request from his deathbed: "Find out what happened to my father," an Is… https://t.co/CX7NPhBH2p
  • 1933: Nazi gov uses then-innovative Hollerith technology to identify Jewish citizens. 1942: US gov uses that same… https://t.co/zjUnC3yJAq
  • In 1942, the owner of a bustling BC teahouse was among 22,000 Japanese Canadians forcibly removed from the coast—an… https://t.co/8fH7b1WQDl
  • #TheTerror might be the highest profile TV depiction of Japanese American incarceration, but a number of episodes &… https://t.co/gvbeJuGyel
  • Our hearts are heavy for the 22 victims of the El Paso massacre this past weekend, and now the nearly 700 immigrant… https://t.co/OFsXRiXSOe