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  • The family detentions stipulated by Trump's executive order will mark the first time since WWII that the military w… https://t.co/m7RKyFie77
  • In case the parallels weren't clear enough....@nytopinion editors incorporated "zero tolerance" footage into a 1940… https://t.co/9j75jVeWSu
  • "I never thought we'd have to deal with camps again, as a Japanese American; it was always in the abstract. But thi… https://t.co/5KSIRsPzav
  • Our President just signed an Executive Order that will indefinitely detain families without due process. Sound fami… https://t.co/yi81OXVYHF
  • "This is a moment for those of us who oppose the rehabilitation of Korematsu and Hirabayashi to make our voices hea… https://t.co/BArWpBQ8cB