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  • She-ro Patsy Mink, the first woman of color elected to Congress, was a fierce advocate for women's rights and led t… https://t.co/7dmkNDd5mA
  • Kavanaugh says he won't condemn the Chinese Exclusion Act "without looking at it and studying the discrimination."… https://t.co/bST3NiAWcn
  • "This is family internment camps. And we haven't done anything like that since World War II. It absolutely comes fr… https://t.co/36ZYJv0M8z
  • In case you needed more proof that #NeverAgainIsNow: Almost 13,000 migrant children are currently incarcerated by t… https://t.co/dJH36wyrC3
  • "As we spend our lives here on stolen land, in cities and neighborhoods we do not know, the work remains to unearth… https://t.co/z3fZm6qtua