Using Densho Images and Video

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When can I use Densho content in my work?

Densho content can only be used for research and educational purposes. Content is only to be used in context. It is also a requirement that users respect the dignity and privacy of interviewees.

Do I need to cite Densho when I use your materials?

Yes. To view examples of citations for different kinds of content from the Archive, see "How To Cite Densho."

Do I need to receive permission from Densho to use your materials?

It depends. You do not need Densho's permission if you can answer yes to all of the following questions.

  • Is the use for either personal or limited use in teaching, scholarship or research?
  • Is the portion that uses Densho materials small in relationship to the project?
  • Is the use non-commercial?

If you answered "no" to any of the questions above, you need to get permission from Densho to use our materials.

Does it cost money to use Densho materials?

It depends on your request. Densho may charge service and handling fees if you need Densho staff to research, identify, duplicate or send materials to you. There may also be licensing fees if you want to publish or distribute Densho materials. Densho's general fee schedule is listed below.

  • Research costs - $90 per hour (staff time) billed in 30 minute units
  • Processing costs - $90 per hour (staff time) billed in 30 minute units, plus material costs
  • Postage and Handling - Actual postage plus $10 handling charge
  • Licensing and Use
    • Image - $25-$100 per image for non-profit use
    • Video - $100-$900 per minute for non-profit use

How do I request permission for Densho materials?

The first step is to fill out and send us a Materials Request Form (download below). After we approve a completed request, we will create and send you a Restricted Use Agreement and an invoice. When we receive the signed Restricted Use Agreement and payment, we will send our written permission along with the requested materials.

Please allow 1-2 weeks to process the requested materials.

Download Materials Request Form [pdf] [word]
Download Sample Restricted Use Agreement [pdf]

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