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From the Director: Tom Ikeda

I am excited about what Densho will be doing this next year. We just finished our end-of-year planning and I want to share some of our program plans for 2011 and beyond.

Interview Program - Over 15 years we've gradually built the most comprehensive, diverse collection of oral history interviews about the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans. The next two years our focus will be on capturing the many different perspectives of Japanese Americans during World War II (Stories Less Told) by adding 175 interviews to the 500+ already collected.

Online Encyclopedia - We've started a two-year project to create an online encyclopedia of the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans. This new digital reference will be designed for the web, social networks, tablets, and smartphones. Content will be developed around video interviews, historical photos and documents, and new written materials.

Education Program - In 2012, Seattle plays host to a national social studies conference. We will develop a program in time for the conference that includes curriculum, professional development for teachers, website resources, and participation from the Japanese American community.

Second Generation Websites - The technical infrastructure for Densho's website and digital archive of primary sources is almost 10 years old. We will start planning to update the design and technology, and to expand the number and diversity of primary source materials available.

I believe this will be the most productive year ever for Densho. We have incredible people in place with well planned projects. What do you think about our plans? Let me know by dropping me a line at [email protected].

Archive Spotlight

Gladys Koshio Konishi: Celebrating New Year's Day in Colorado

To start off 2011, Densho presents a clip from a visual history interview with Gladys Koshio Konishi, who grew up in Fort Lupton, Colorado, where her family ran a produce farm. When she was growing up, her mother would brew homemade sake in a still in the basement to share with family and friends. In this clip, Gladys recalls her family's New Year's holiday tradition, in which sake played an important part.

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Densho News

Job Opening: Contract Transcriptionist

Densho is seeking a contractor to transcribe oral history interviews. This individual will work outside of Densho's office and will need to supply his or her own computer. Other transcription hardware and software will be provided. The individual does not need to reside in Seattle. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented with strong spelling and grammar skills and accurate typing ability. Knowledge of Japanese American history and previous transcription experience are welcome but not required. Rate of pay is approximately $150-$200 per two-hour interview (based on word count).

To apply for the position, you must submit a transcription sample. Please download the mp3 file and create a verbatim transcript. Please send your resume (Word, PDF, or Plain Text), a cover letter, and your sample transcription file to [email protected] by Wednesday, May 19. All applications will be held in confidence. All submissions and questions should be sent via email -- please no phone inquiries.

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Educational Resource CD is available

In partnership with the Minidoka National Historic Site, a new educational CD is available. This free CD brings a wealth of primary sources gleaned from the Densho Digital Archive, along with useful, standards-based activities for the classroom. You can request the CD by emailing [email protected]. Please include your mailing address and how many CDs you would like.

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Challenge Match Made - Thank You!

During the final week in December we made our three month goal of raising $91,500 to fulfill the challenge matches of the Tateuchi Foundation and the Terasaki Foundation Laboratory with only days to spare. At the end of the year we raised $105,750 from individual donors! Thank you for your tremendous support. The donations and the challenge matches will now be "double-matched" by our National Park Service grants, giving Densho $550,000 in 2011 to do more interviews and to create an online encyclopedia. What a great way to start the year!

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Thank You 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax Fund

Densho was recently awarded $19,000 from 4Culture's Heritage Cultural Facilities program to replace some aging video production equipment. With the hundreds of interviews that Densho produces, our equipment gets its share of wear and tear, so it is a welcome relief to be able to replace some production lights we've been carting around for 13 years, a 7 year-old video editing workstation, an obsolete offsite tape backup system for our interviews, and to get new disk storage to make our video processing more efficient.

In addition, Densho completed in November two workshops and created materials for Seattle Public Schools teachers that were funded from 4Culture's Heritage Cultural Education program. Densho also recently finished a tape restoration and digitization of interviews conducted by filmmaker Steven Okazaki. These interviews are now available from our website and their preservation was funded by 4Culture's Heritage Collections Care program.

Thank you to the 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax Fund for providing these resources!

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National News and Events

JACS grant materials available

Application materials are now available for the 2011 Japanese American Confinement Sites grant program administered by the National Park Service (NPS). You can also view a newsletter giving information about the grant program, along with short descriptions of grants that were awarded in 2009 and 2010. The NPS will be holding a series of information sessions about the program in early February. To keep updated, check out the confinement sites Facebook page.

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